STYA: Successfully Transitioning Youth to Adolescence

STYA culinary5The STYA program offers creative programming that is aimed at delaying the onset of adolescent sexual activity and decreasing the incidence of adolescent pregnancy and childbearing. STYA stands for Successfully Transitioning Youth to Adolescence, and its goal is to promote the optimal transition to a healthy, productive, and connected young adulthood. A key factor in promoting this transition and delaying sexual activity results from improving a preteen youth’s sense that he or she has achievable goals and a positive outlook for the future

STYA programming is offered throughout the school year and partially during the summer, and participants get to enjoy field trips, guest speakers, and unique learning experiences that build their character and self-worth.

breaking crewPast examples of STYA programming include break dancing lessons, learning to make pizza at the Culinary Institute, experiencing the Strong Museum of Play, and giving back to the community through recycling and neighborhood cleanup. Equipped with a diverse set of experiences and resources, the STYA program aims to continue to guide local youth into a responsible and successful young adulthood.

For more information, contact Housing Authority officials at the
Doris W. Jones Family Resource Building at 285-5374; the Packard Court Community Center at 278-0228; and at the Beloved Communit at 285-8050.

PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Samika V. Sullivan

In The Spotlight – STYA: A Kaleidoscope Of Opportunities