Operation SNUG

Operation SNUG (guns spelled backwards) is a community, government and corporate partnership aimed at improving public safety for youth and young adults through the elimination of gun and gang violence. The program employs streetwise, specially trained individuals to canvas area hotspots to mediate violent and potentially violent situations. The program targets at-risk youth ages 14 to 25 and provides outreach, prevention and intervention services to direct troubled youth away from illegal activity.

The goal of the program is to inhibit the proliferation of gangs and illegal guns.

Operation SNUG is based on the nationally acclaimed (Chicago-based) CeaseFire model, which aims to stop violence at its source. Operated under the direction of the Niagara Falls Housing Authority, the program consists of four core components: street level outreach, public education, community mobilization and faith leader involvement.

Funding for Operation SNUG was received through a grant from the State of New York Division of Criminal Justice Services.