Empowering Residents and the Community: The Value of Home Report

PAHRC  Value of Home Report Introduction
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The value of having a safe and decent place to live is much greater than simply the cost of housing. The shelter and stability that a home provides allows us to meet our basic human needs, maintain a certain quality of life, and reach our full potential. A stable home is a critical foundation for all stages of life, providing a secure platform to achieve positive health, educational, and economic outcomes. The added value of a home is its ability to serve as a catalyst to improvements in these outcomes.

Affordability is a major hurdle to housing stability and quality of life, and is a growing problem for more Americans. Since the stock of affordable housing is in short supply, low-income families struggle to find adequate housing in their price-range and must make difficult trade-offs to afford a decent place to live1.

Rental assistance helps to bridge the gap between housing that low-income families can afford and what the housing market offers. In doing so, it provides essential support in many communities and gives struggling families the boost they need to achieve housing stability and its many benefits. This report explores the need for rental assistance, the characteristics of those who currently receive federal rental assistance, and the ways in which assisted rental housing enhances the lives of residents and improves communities.