North Star Cultural Project

The Niagara Falls Housing Authority is a partner on the North Star Cultural Project. The North Star Cultural Project is a collaborative effort between the Niagara Falls Housing Authority, the State Parks and the City of Niagara Falls among others. The project involves the development of a pocket park. The Wrobel Towers housing community (specifically, the Wrobel Towers Park) will serve as the main focus of this project. The plans call for interpretive signage, the erection of a Harriet Tubman statue and amphitheatre with access to the Whirlpool Bridge custom house from the Wrobel Towers patio area.

The initiative is part of the Niagara River Greenway Commission, which encompasses a world-class corridor of places, parks and landscapes that celebrate and interpret the area’s unique natural, cultural, recreational, scenic and heritage resources and provides access to and connections between these important resources while giving rise to economic opportunities for the region.