Applying for Housing
Applications are available at all Niagara Falls Housing Authority communities, the Authority’s Administrative Offices, 744 Tenth Street, or by visiting our website at Applications can also be obtained by mail, please call (716) 285-6961.

Admission Policy
All applications are subject to a screening process that includes a personal interview, document verification, proof of all household income, a criminal background check, credit check, prior landlord verification and a housekeeping inspection.

Rent Calculation Process
Rents are based on 30% of gross income (after allowable deductions) or 10% of gross income (with no deductions), whichever is greater. The total family income is used to compute rents, except that of dependents under the age of 18 and full-time students. If you or a family member are receiving social services, we must charge the “Welfare Shelter Allowance” based on the number of family members on assistance.

Click Here For Application: NIAGARA FALLS HOUSING AUTHORITY application

For information regarding the application process please contact:

Melissa Matsulavage, Director of Occupancy

744 Tenth Street, NF, NY  (716) 285-6961