The Good for the Neighborhood Program

In order to provide residents and the community with access to health information and experts, the Niagara Falls Housing Authority partnered with the Independent Health Foundation’s Good for the Neighborhood Program. The program is designed to assist individuals and families in making better healthcare choices. A comprehensive quarterly fair is held with specialized workshops and seminars taking place weekly. The initiative provides:

  • Healthcare Screenings – including blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes
  • Ask the Medical Expert – find a doctor or ask questions
  • Ask the Pharmacy Expert – ask about prescriptions/drug interactions
  • Fitness for Kids – to help children stay fit and active
  • Healthy Options – every day tips on eating better
  • Senior Wellness – health classes especially designed for seniors
  • Weight Watchers – learn how to slim down and eat right
  • Farmer’s Market – attendees receive free vouchers for fresh produce
  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations – attendees learn how to prepare healthy meals, obtain recipes and sample homemade meals

Since the “Good for the Neighborhood” Program’s implementation in May 2006, 472 individuals have enrolled in the program, of which 135 are residents of the Niagara Falls Housing Authority. Additionally, while the Independent Health Foundation currently has two similar programs operating in Buffalo, New York, (with a much larger population area) our program continues to have the highest number of attendees.