Annual Male Summit and Let’s Talk Conference

Annual Male Summit

The Niagara Falls Housing Authority’s Annual Male Summit is a powerful event designed to address trends affecting the male population with respect to education, employment and empowerment. Designed for males ages 12 and older, the primary goal of the event is to empower manhood, encourage self-respect and educate and prepare participants for challenges that may face them. Through a variety of workshops and hands-on presentations conducted by male role models from the Niagara Falls community, the summit helps shape the young men in our community and provides a forum for open discussion. An average of 220 individuals attend the event each year.[/one_half]

Let’s Talk Conference

Similar to the Male Summit, our Let’s Talk Conference addresses trends affecting the female population. Topics are developed through surveys completed by the participants themselves. Female role models from the Niagara Falls community volunteer their time to address such things as career planning, cultural awareness, health and wellness, peer-pressure, safe dating and internet safety. Workshops and hands-on presentations enable participants to speak in an open forum with their peers.[/one_half_last]