“Living Large” and “Grow with Me” Tutorial Programs

The “Living Large” and “Grow with Me” after-school tutorial programs are designed to increase the reading and comprehension skills of children and youth in grades K –12, as well as improve scores on standardized tests. Classes are held Monday – Friday from 2:45 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the Doris W. Jones Family Resource Building and Packard Court Community Center. Students are instructed by NYS certified teachers, Niagara University and Niagara County Community College students, Niagara Falls Housing Authority staff and community volunteers. In addition to tutoring, the program provides violence prevention and self-esteem building seminars, arts and crafts, math BINGO, college prep activities, educational movies, incentive awards and prizes.

Kids at NFHACurrently there are 140 children enrolled in the “Living Large” and “Grow with Me” programs.

“The Living Large” and “Grow with Me” tutorial programs address the need for improved literacy, which is the key to increased self-esteem, greater learning, higher income and economic self-sufficiency.

As a unique intergenerational component, children enrolled in our after-school tutorial programs teach our senior “Sweet Ladies of the Community” how to navigate the internet and in turn, our “sweet ladies” teach the children how to quilt and crochet. This special component has spanned the generational gap and forged numerous lifelong friendships.